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Meg has been a clinical dietitian since 2003 starting her own practice in 2012 to focus on her passion of Women and Children's health. Meg believes that a confident, healthy mum will have a profound positive impact on the health of her whole family. The overload of information, and misinformation from friends, family, social media and health professionals, coupled with busyness of life can undermine Mums’ confidence and create unnecessary feelings of guilt, judgment and stress which all impact negatively on their physical and mental health. Meg has a real desire to help mothers wade through this information to empower them to be the confident, happy and healthy women that they clearly want to be. Meg is mum to 3 gorgeous busy boys.

The sun is out, and so are the merchants of body hatred. Mums, let’s fight back.

I am on a couple of Mums’ facebook groups and I think they are amazing communities. Sure, there are some differing opinions, some weird and wonderful discussions and a slightly alarming number of spider pictures. But, I have at times been speechless at the kindness and care that these women, many of whom have never met, show for one another.

On the whole, they appear to be honest, respectful, compassionate, generous and intelligent women. Women juggling multiple life roles while genuinely trying to do their best for their families. I have been helped, challenged and inspired by some of these women.

But one thing that strikes me, and saddens me, is how often discussions about weight come up, especially with summer around the corner. Questions about the best way to lose weight, in general or from specific parts of the body, women stating that they ‘need to lose weight’ or ‘do something […]

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Help! I know how I want to eat but I just ate all the chocolate…again!

It’s the classic story. You have decided that you want to improve your eating habits and you have done your research. You know the way of eating that nourishes your body best.  Mostly minimally processed foods, plenty of fruit and vegetables, lean meats, quality wholegrains, moderate dairy and the occasional indulgence.

You really do want to limit the less nutritious, highly processed, high sugar and high fat foods. You want to make sure the ‘sometimes foods’ are only eaten, sometimes. But there you go again. Someone brings it into your space and you eat it…lots of it.

“I’ve got no self discipline”, “I’ve got no will power”, “I’ve got no control”, “I just can’t stop myself”.

Do these lines sound familiar?

Guilty, deflated, demoralized. This negative self-talk can become a mantra of helplessness and it does nothing to promote good self-esteem or happiness. Rather, it is likely […]

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Dear New Mum, forget your ‘pre-baby weight’, you’re doing great.

Pre-baby weight. You hear it about it all the time. Do these sound familiar?

  • “I want to get back to my pre-baby weight”
  • “I’m still not back to my pre-baby weight”
  • “I wish I was back at my pre-baby weight”
  • “I should be back at my pre-baby weight”
  • “How long should it take to be back at my pre-baby weight?”
  • “Did you see how quickly celebrity so-and-so lost her baby weight?”
  • “Did you hear that celebrity la-dee-da got back to her ‘prebaby weight in just 6 weeks” Blah, blah, blah.

And it’s not just pre-baby weight, it’s being back in pre-baby jeans. There are even whole diet programs targeted to ‘help’ women ‘lose baby weight’.

But to my mind, it doesn’t make sense to set getting back to pre-baby weight as a goal or expectation. Because when you have a child, everything else changes. Everything.

Your lifestyle, sleep habits, exercise time, shopping and cooking routines, social life, work life, sex […]

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Why I hate pyramid selling diet products.

Well I’ve been stewing on this one for a while, and what better day than International No Diet Day to stick my neck out by having a swipe at my most disliked of all the diet products.


To be clear, it is not my intention to have a go at any individual who sells or uses these products. It’s a messed up and confusing society we live in. One where the weightloss industry wields a lot of power over bodies and minds and leaves a path of destruction in its wake.

There are many people in weightloss companies and services who are deliberately causing pain and shame to make a sale. But there are also those who genuinely have not considered the whole picture and are unaware of the damage that their messages causes. I am hoping that this will help with opening some eyes to the this damage.


I hate diet products. […]

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Your Food, Your Body, Your Decision

I Don’t Like Cheesecake.

Cold, slimy, sour, gelatin set stuff with a soggy base, it’s just not my thing. I don’t even like it when it is home-made and has mars bars pieces in it. I just don’t enjoy it.

However, lots of people do like cheesecake. Over the years it has been a fairly popular choice for office birthday cake. So, 3 or 4 times a year, I would sing ‘Happy Birthday’, receive a piece as it was handed around, and eat it.

It’s not the done thing to refuse birthday cake. To try and refuse a piece of cake often draws shocked stares and comments like, “oh go on” or, “you don’t need to be on a diet”. Not to mention offended looks from the baker or bringer of the cake.

I didn’t ever feel bad about eating the cheesecake. I was aware that it was a lot of sugar, saturated fat […]

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Let them eat cake. Sugar free, gluten free, organic, Paleo cake that is.

Enough is enough.

Alright. That’s it. I’ve been sitting on this blog topic for a while, but enough is enough.

This morning I was reading some comments on a thread about the new ‘That Sugar Film’ where a filmmaker eats only heavily processed ‘low fat’ foods for 2 months and sees what happens to his body and mind. Unsurprisingly, there is a clear deterioration in his health. The comments made my blood boil, comment after comment about how terrible it is that the ‘experts’ have been recommending this type of eating ‘for years’. Really? Are dietitians really recommending that you eat nothing but processed food? Have you ever talked to a dietitian? In the past 12 years?

I know a lot of dietitians. Not one of them, myself included, would ever, ever, ever say that a healthy diet consists of a high proportion of any processed food. Do people honestly believe that it […]

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13 tips for putting dinner on the table, without losing your mind!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the dangers of underrating home cooking and choosing the easy, often unhealthy, takeaway option.

But valuing home cooking doesn’t immediately make it less of a pain in the butt.

I know many, many Mums and Dads who just hate dinner-time. The whining, fussing, food waste and mess are the top complaints.

So here are some tips for making it a little easier.

1. Cook one meal for all.

Your home is not a restaurant. There is not a menu and different sitting times. Dinner is served when the person cooking it says it is ready, and you eat what has been cooked, or you eat nothing. The rule in my house is this; You don’t have to eat it, but you do have to sit at the table and be polite. You do have to taste it, and there is nothing else. 9 times out of 10, […]

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Home Cooking Is Not Overrated.

A few days ago I read an article entitled ‘7 reasons I think home cooking is overrated’.  My neck stiffened a little and I felt my blood pressure rising…oh please, don’t be telling everyone that home cooking isn’t important.

She wasn’t really. A few lines in I realised 2 things.

1)   The author was talking about cooking at home ‘every single night’ being over rated.

2)   The article was sponsored by KFC.

I read on and found that the author was really just outlining some of the negative aspects of  home cooking, giving these negative aspects as reasons for choosing to have ‘Takeaway Friday’.

In a nutshell, cooking at home can be a pain in the butt.

The mess, the demands from kids wanting different things, kids turning their noses up at what you cook, being stuck in a recipe rut, time away from family, takeaway tasting better if you’re not a good cook. She also mentioned […]

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Body Beyond Birth

A great idea.

Late last year I met Jackie and Becky. They were 2 Mums with a fantastic idea. For their full story check out the links below, but the short version is that they were working on a new online health and fitness program for mums. An online program that can be done at home, without having to worry about childcare, is particularly appealing to a busy Mum. But Jackie and Becky had noticed that so many of the existing online diet and exercise programs are just not suitable for mums. Strict meal plans, strict training routines, exercises that are not always safe for a new mum, an unnecessary focus on weightloss and no thought to modelling true health to our children are hallmarks of every online health and fitness program I have seen. It might be possible for a while, but life, especially with kids, inevitably gets in the […]

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Should I be ‘Baby-Led Weaning’?

“Oh, so you’re not Baby-Led Weaning?”… The comment may have been genuinely out of interest, and perhaps there was no condescending intent. However, the tone suggested that is was one of those ‘my way is superior to your way‘ parenting moments.  The kind of comment that makes parents feel judged, that we aren’t doing what is best for our child.

I heard about this comment second hand. I do not know the lady who said it. She had said it to a good friend of mine in a conversation about homemade pureed pears. My friend was able to genuinely laugh it off with no lost sleep, no mother guilt or panic. She had 4 children  and was, rightly so, feeling pretty confident in her ability to make decisions that worked for her, her family and her much loved little one.

But it got me thinking. What if the comment had been directed to a […]

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