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Meg McClintock
Meg McClintockFounder and Principal Dietitian
Hi, I’m so glad you’re considering making positive steps in your heath. With over ten years’ clinical experience in a major teaching hospital, you can be sure you will receive up to date, relevant, accurate nutrition and health information at Choose Nutrition. I would love a chat to help you decide if we are right for you.

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Hi, I’m Meg, Founder and Principal Dietitian at Choose Nutrition. I’m so glad you are investigating how you can make positive health change.

Personally, it is my mission to be part of a positive shift in dietetics toward an understanding and compassionate model of care. I’m not happy with the judgement and guilt that too many people feel about what they eat or how they feed their family. There can be so much fear, confusion and uncertainty about healthy eating and this just makes is harder to make good choices. I aim to help you find your answers, to empower you to feel confident and relaxed about food while you feed yourself and your family.

My goal for Choose Nutrition is that we be a “lighthouse” dietetic practice. I aim to promote dietetics as a profession and provide a model for excellence against which other practices are measured.

Too many people have seen dietitians and come away feeling judged, treated like a child or just ‘told what not to eat’. This doesn’t help people make positive improvements to their health and is not what I am about. At Choose Nutrition we use the ‘Non-diet Approach’ to nutrition which falls within the Health as Every Size (HAES®) paradigm. HAES® is an evidence based approach to health improvement based on principles of respect, compassionate self care and critical awareness. Utilising this framework and a Health Coaching model, my approach will empower you to make permanent positive change and support you with compassionate care throughout the whole process.

I am not the ‘food police’ and won’t tell you what to eat or make you feel bad for not having a ‘perfect’ diet. I will help you identify your health goals and priorities, build your confidence, and work with you to make an individualised plan.  Often, I find that my clients already have a good understanding of how best to manage their health, yet they lack the tools to turn this knowledge into consistent positive action. I am able to play my part in turning knowledge to action.

I’ve always loved food – growing up, I wanted to be a chef. I developed an interest in nutrition and fitness at school, and set out on my girlish goal of becoming the dietitian for The Wallabies. Whilst still having an interest in Sports Nutrition, I changed my focus at University as I discovered the broader, positive impact that dietitians have. I love helping everyday people.

As my career in public health progressed and I took on senior management roles, I found myself having less and less face to face contact with patients. I missed connecting with and helping patients. In 2012, I saw an opportunity to build a private practice that utilised all I have learned in public health, providing top-quality service to those who choose to access dietetic care privately. Choose Nutrition grew, and in 2013 my friend and colleague, Tracy Stock, joined my team.

I discovered HAES® in early 2013 and initially I was sceptical and a bit dismissive as it was very contradictory to what I had been taught and challenged many basic assumptions. However, as I pride myself on being an evidence based practitioner, I made myself dig into the evidence and give it a good look. Not only did I find that it was evidence based, but as I incorporated it into my practice I found it to be a kinder, more compassionate and much more fulfilling model of care for both me and my clients.

I have three young sons, and a husband who works full-time. I understand that life is busy and balance is not always easy. Actually, balance is never easy.

Since the birth of my own sons, all three of whom had food allergies as babies, I better understand the unique challenges of feeding kids and really enjoy working with families. I love seeing parents empowered to make changes that benefit the health of themselves, and their children.

I am passionate about my kids growing up with a great respect for and appreciation of their bodies and with a healthy relationship with food. I want to pass on what I know about fostering these healthy thoughts and behaviours.

  • September 2012-Nov 2013 | Acting Manager and Lead Clinician of Dietetics for Nepean Blue Mountains Local Heath District
  • May 2012 | Founded Choose Nutrition
  • 2007 to 2012 | Clinical Coordinator and Deputy Manager of Dietetics for Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District
  • 2006 | Senior Dietitian, specialising in paediatrics at Nepean and Blue Mountains Hospitals
  • 2005 | Specialist Aged Care Dietitian at Nepean District Hospital
  • 2003 | Clinical dietitian responsible for Blue Mountains Hospital
  • 2002 | Graduated from Wollongong University with Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics

I am inspired by anyone who dreams big, works hard, loves learning and wants to give.

I have been very inspired by my colleagues on the HAES Australia advisory board, particularly Dr Rick Kausman (Author of ‘If not dieting then what?’) who is a pioneer in this movement.

I love learning from anyone who is creative and passionate about great food and the part it plays in a happy, healthy life. Jamie Oliver is inspiration. He is passionate about eating well and having a healthy relationship with food. I love that he uses his platform to teach the world about food, empowering people to make better choices, while still enjoying how wonderful and delicious food can be.

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