We’re Different

A Fresh Approach

Dietitians are predominantly trained to be providers of accurate, scientifically proven nutrition information. Sadly, this has proven to be not enough. While this function remains vital part of dietetics, people struggling to manage their health usually have good knowledge of food and healthy eating, but lack to tools to consistently turn this information into positive action. Our dietitians receive additional training in health coaching, a model proven to empower patients to take responsibility for their health and achieve significant, sustainable change. For more details on the Health Change Model, call us, or investigate Health Change Australia.

Experience Matters

It can be hard to tell the quality of a dietitian from their qualifications or website. Many private practice dietitians have limited clinical experience or access to quality mentoring. Choose Nutrition dietitians are experienced leaders in their field, who have managed teams of clinical dietitans across health services.

The dietitians at Choose Nutrition have a combined 24 years’ experience in a variety of private and public health settings. Of course, more years in the workforce doesn’t necessarily translate to better dietetics. On-the-job training, and a demonstrated commitment to professional development, is a better guide.  Meg and Tracy each have a proven track record of seizing professional development opportunities, staying up to date with the latest research and evidence, and using this in support of their clients.

Meg and Tracy are, and have been, involved in the mentoring of many junior dietitians, displaying a commitment to the profession as a whole.

You might be wondering…

Both Meg and Tracy are listed on the Dietitans’ Association of Australia’s list of available mentors. We are willing to provide formal APD mentoring as well as informal discussions. Let us know about yourself and we will see if current capacity allows for a mentoring program to commence.

Thanks for your interest! We are extremely protective of Choose Nutrition’s reputation for excellent, innovative dietetic consultations. If you believe that our philosophies match, and that you have the skills, experience, personality and drive to be a Choose Nutrition dietitian, then feel free to make contact with Meg, the Founder and Principal Dietitian.