Meet Angela Smith – Choose Nutrition Dietitian East Maitland

by | Jul 24, 2017

Choose Nutrition East Maitland is launched! Our first client is booked in and we are busy making the room pretty,  getting to know our new area and making connections.

Choose Nutrition East Maitland is located at The Old George & Dragon Offices, 50 Melbourne St, East Maitland, NSW 2323.

Our new office in East Maitland

I also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Angela Smith who is our new addition to the team.

Angela graduated with her dietetics degree from Newcastle University in 2014, having decided to pursue dietetics after a leaving a career in customer service. Angela and Meg met when Angela sought Clinical Supervision. Angela was considering setting up her own dietetic practice in Maitland, but preferred the supportive environment of a team, one thing led to another and here we are!

Angela is a perfect fit for Choose Nutrition. She’s dedicated to nutrition counselling that works in real life and has completed additional training in Health at Every Size (HAES), The Non-Diet Approach, Body Image, Eating Disorders, Childhood Feeding, Motivational Interviewing and Client Centred Care.

Angela grew up in the Maitland Area and is passionate about providing an excellent dietetic service locally. Often in regional areas there aren’t many specialist services and people needing healthcare are often required to travel long distances to get the help they need. ¬†So Angela is thrilled to be practising as a Dietitian in East Maitland, close to home and providing excellent nutrition therapy and non-diet nutrition counselling.

Angela has been heavily involved a number of school canteens in the area, helping bring them in line with National Nutrition Guidelines whilst maintaining a balanced approach to nutrition and a non-diet philosophy.

As a busy mum to 3, Angela is well aware of the competing priorities and challenges of feeding ourselves and our families in a balanced and calm way. She’s also dedicated to helping kids and adults develop and maintain a healthy relationship with food and with their bodies in a culture that often makes that really difficult.

Angela will be working in our East Maitland rooms Wednesday to Friday. To make an appointment with Angela call her on 0405 438 879, email her at or send and enquiry via our website.

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